Press Ganey score improvement at one of the nation’s largest NICU

The BBN team was inspired to work with the NICU team on this program. We have witnessed past transformations of teams all across the country when introduced to skills and techniques that both help practitioners feel more prepared and confident and make patients feel a greater sense of trust.

For all the years I have been teaching, researching and developing this content and teaching method, I have witness the profound impact it can have on not just the satisfaction scores, but the overall patient experience. This experience provided us the opportunity to directly measure the impact of our training on patient satisfaction scores.

Patient satisfaction scores have been growing in importance as the healthcare industry has moved toward the era of Value-Based Medicine. It isn’t enough to witness the improvements, it has to be measured and linked to financial impact to the healthcare institution.  

There has been a wealth of research linking improved patient satisfaction scores with financial gain at health care institutions. Most notably, Deloitte published a study, The value of patient experience: Hospitals with better patient-reported experience perform better financially.Deloitte research shows good patient experience is associated with higher hospital profitability. This association is strongest for aspects of patient experience most closely associated with better care—in particular, nurse-patient engagement.”

We are proud to see the significant positive impact to top box scores for the hospital unit. Download the full results or get in touch with BBN to find out how we can help you improve your patient satisfaction scores.

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