It’s All in the Delivery® program accelerates Press Ganey® score improvement at one of the nation’s largest Neonatal Intensive Care Units. Over the last 12 months, BBN® has worked with the one of nation’s largest neonatal intensive care; based in Orlando Florida, to implement its Patient Experience improvement custom training program called IMPROVING The Patient Experience: It’s All in the Delivery. Anthony J. Orsini, D.O., is a neonatologist at the hospital and the founder of BBN, a training and consulting company specializing in communication. Dr. Orsini worked with hospital leadership to assess current needs and build a program that works in harmony with other hospital programs designed to manage patient satisfaction including technology and process improvement programs. Unique in its approach, It’s All in the Delivery®  focuses exclusively on the human communication required in delivering top-rated patient experience. It combines improvisational role-playing (simulations) and-one on one  coaching with a series of interactive workshops for all team members. A variety of training is conducted across different teams within the NICU during the the 5 phases of the program.

The program is designed to give physicians, nurses and other health care professionals essential communication skills training, emphasizing compassionate communication that is critical to quickly build trust and relationships with patients. Six months after completion of the BBN consulting and comprehensive training, we compared Press Ganey scores from before and after to measure the impact of the training on satisfaction metrics. The results are impressive with key communication-specific metrics seeing a greater than 100% improvement. There is a wealth of industry studies that have measured the positive financial impact to hospitals when improve their patient experience. BBN set out to measure the impact created to patient satisfaction scores, exclusively by providing communication skills training to health care professionals. This unique opportunity demonstrated a significant impact on those scores detailed below.

“The training program designed and administered by Dr. Orsini, has significantly improved the way our physicians, nurses and team members communicate with our families, said Jose Perez, MD, Corporate Medical Director, Department of Neonatology, Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies, Orlando, FL. The ability to measure this improvement using Press Ganey scores, allows us to link staff improvements to financial performance.”

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