How Compassionate Communication Improves Patient Care

Whether a patient is sitting in a doctor’s office, waiting in an exam room or waking up after surgery, they often feel a mix of emotions, including uncertainty, ...

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compassionate communication in healthcare

Press Ganey score improvement at one of the nation’s largest NICU

The BBN team was inspired to work with the NICU team on this program. We have witnessed past transformations of teams all across the country when introduced to ...

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Get With the PROGRAM: A Guide to Compassionate Communication

Excerpt from article published in The Journal of American Osteopathic Association (JAOA) Despite growing interest in the importance of compassionate communication and patient experience, many physicians still feel unprepared ...

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Compassionate Communication in a digital world – Part 1

Last week, I had the honor of speaking at one of the largest conferences on patient satisfaction in the world. The attendees were energetic, the speakers inspiring and ...

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The Positive Results of Compassionate Communication

The Positive Results of Compassionate Communication

Written by Maybelle, BBN Actress In the last decade or so, the medical community has paid more and more attention to the importance of compassionate communication in physician-patient interactions. ...

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compassionate communication in healthcare

Why Did I Pick “It’s All in the Delivery”?

I’ve read a few blogs in my life and I must admit that I never really gave them much thought. Sure, some of them were interesting and usually ...

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BBN responsive design

BBN Launches New Website

The Breaking Bad News (BBN) Program, an organization founded by Dr. Anthony Orsini that teaches physicians how to effectively and compassionately discuss bad news with patients and their ...

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Doctor talking to a patient

Charlie Brown

I was recently asked to sit on a committee designed to improve patient satisfaction scores for an individual unit at a large metropolitan hospital. A well-known organization was ...

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BBN blog 3 don't hide behind the bushes

Don’t Hide Behind the Bushes

I once heard a lecture by the author of the famous book, When Bad Things Happen to Good People. In his lecture, Rabbi Kushner chronicled his emotions after being ...

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The Power of Silence - Say You're Sorry and Just Shut Up BBN tip

The Power of Silence – Say You’re Sorry and Just Shut Up

During a difficult conversation, silence can be very uncomfortable. In an effort to help someone feel better and to make ourselves less uncomfortable, we continue to talk. After ...

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