Our Method

There are several training options offered for each course

Experiential Learning

Since inception, BBN has trained over 1000 healthcare professionals across the country. Physicians of all specialties have participated in this unique, experiential learning approach using realistic role-playing that teaches the communication skills not taught in medical school or residency programs.

Participants learn how to quickly form relationships, build trust and manage the delivery of all critical messages, such as breaking bad news and conflict resolution. These communication skills have been shown to improve patient outcomes, reduce malpractice lawsuits, limit physician burnout and significantly increase patient satisfaction scores.

Our Unique Approach Involves Several Key Components:

  • Physicians and healthcare professionals participate in improvisational role-playing sessions with professional actors who portray patients or family members.
  • Role-playing sessions are viewed remotely by BBN certified instructors.
  • Immediately following the role-playing session, participants are given the opportunity to review the videotaped session with instructors. It is during this review that the self-review and self-reflection occurs.

Interactive Workshops:

Half and Full Day Interactive Workshops are offered. Emphasis is placed on learning how to communicate and form trusting relationships using The Orsini Way(™).  Following a comprehensive presentation, attendees apply what they have learned by reviewing video of simulated patient interactions.


Dr. Orsini can support your staff by delivering engaging lectures on a variety of topics. As an expert in the field of teaching compassionate communication, current and timely challenges within your organization can be discussed and inspired with real life, practical solutions. Dr. Orsini has lectured to small audiences to large keynote addresses.

Digital Learning Experience

This innovative application makes The Orsini Way available to even your most remote employee. Interactive and engaging, content is sent right to the users tablet, computer or smartphone. Learning is no longer burdensome and learners can engage at their own pace through this personalized digital learning experience. Weekly challenges allow the user to apply and reinforce ideas creating a new standard in the customer’s experience. This revolutionary learning model is currently included in the “It’s all in the Delivery”® program.

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