Jose Perez, MD Corporate Medical Director, Mednax, Department of Neonatology, Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies, Orlando, FL

"The training program designed and administered by Dr. Orsini, has significantly improved the way our physicians, nurses and team members communicate with our families. The ability to measure this improvement using Press Ganey scores, allows us to link staff improvements to financial performance."

Kelly Nierstedt President
Winnie Palmer Hospital

"We were pleased to find this innovative and human-centered training program for our NICU staff. It is a perfect compliment to our other programs. We had complete confidence that Dr. Orsini's methods would drive results.”

Noelle Moore Founder & Executive Director

"Dr. Orsini’s experience and passion for communicating high quality, high value care in the hospital setting is why we selected him as our Keynote Speaker. His communication of our program resonated in such a way that attendees shared he was the most impactful Keynote Speaker to date.”

Karen Sue Beerbower MS, RDN, CEDRD, LD

"As a Keynote speaker at the symposium for the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals, Dr. Anthony Orsini brought his expertise on "Breaking Bad News" to the audience with passion and insightfulness. Dr. Orsini met the delicate balance of presenting a very serious topic with knowledge and specific learning points in a compelling and entertaining style. Anyone working in relationships with others will gain from his message!”

Dr. Mary Howell Levine Children’s Hospital

"I’ve never really found simulations to feel realistic, the actors from BBN felt so real! The feedback session although uncomfortable, were incredible helpful seeing where I excelled and where I still needed to improve.”

Dr. Ronald Goldberg Chief of Neonatology
Duke Health

"To me, it's a near religious experience in many ways, so we are going to try to fulfill the requirements to become a [BBN Center of Excellence]. I think it’s an essential portion of every fellow's and faculty [member's] experience in the way we SHOULD be delivering bad news. I wish they had this when I started off. The actors make it easier because you can almost get lost in the way they are portraying the different scenarios – also the [BBN] faculty that do the reviews afterward that show the individual how they did and point out how things could have been done better was done very nicely.”

Dr. Patricia Eaton Emergency Medicine
Orlando Health - Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

"I fell in love with the program because it was finally speaking to me and why I wanted to become a physician. I apply what I learn from this program every day. I had spent so many years studying the medicine and the science and then I finally found myself in front of patients stumbling over myself and my words and not being able to communicate with them effectively which is why I went into medicine to begin with, to be there with families and to form a relationship with them – so here’s finally this program teaching me what I really needed to know.”

Dr. Larry Barton Distinguished Professor of Crisis Management & Public Safety, University of Central Florida
CNN Contributor

"Dr. Orsini recognized a major gap in the curriculum of life – that whether in an emergency room or the dining room, a board room or a factory – the words we use with others make a huge difference in optimizing an effective outcome... There is not an adult in the world who has not, at one time or another, heard or delivered bad news to another. It’s a daunting, serious and memorable moment in your life. Unfortunately, most of us have no readiness for bad news. Schools do not discuss it, our parents often ignore it... Dr. Orsini has succeeded in breaking through the clutter to ask “Am I ready? What would I say, and how would it be received?” This is a long time coming, and the ramifications for industry, non-profits and government can be profound.”

Dr. Karen Jooste Assistant Professor
Duke Health

"It has been outstanding, and really changed my way of speaking to my patients and relating with them. I would love to bring this training to more people, it could ease so much suffering. This was a wonderful training for residents, fellows and I would encourage attending (physicians) to receive this too.”

Dr. Karlene Williams Associate Program Director
Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

"The BBN P.R.O.G.R.A.M.™ helped our residents and faculty by providing an extremely effective framework for breaking bad news to patients and families. Compared to our previous experience with simulated patient encounters, this program is unique because direct and immediate feedback was provided to our residents. What I particularly liked about the BBN P.R.O.G.R.A.M.™ was the supportive and structured approach to feedback for our residents with the simultaneous provision of training to faculty. I can’t speak highly enough of this program!”

Dr. Eric Lazar Pediatric Surgery
Morristown Medical Center

"The actors who portrayed the patients are just unbelievably good at picking up body language and signals that make it super realistic.”

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